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Narendra Singh Dhami Quotes

Here are some of the famous quotes by Activist Narendra Singh Dhami.

• There is no magic in this world because everything has a reason behind it.

• Don’t afraid of any animals but do afraid of human beings because human beings are the most intelligent beings on this planet and human beings can do the things that animals can’t even imagine.

• If someone else can do then why can’t you ?

• Don’t trust those people’s who says ‘i can die for you’ because if they don’t even know the value of their own life then how can you expect your value from them.

• Only that is true love which never complete.

• Before misbehaving any woman don’t forget that your mother is also a woman.

• There are three methods of solving problem, first try to change the circumstance completely, second if you can’t change the circumstance completely than at least try to improve the circumstance and last if you unable do the both than change your point of view toward that problem.

• Technology should be part of life but life should not be part of technology.

• Ignore those people’s who are laughing on your failure because they are the ones who don’t even try to be successful.

• Life is nothing but race of becoming satisfied.

• Love is not a thing to do, love is a unconditional feeling to feel.

• Don’t try to impress others by showing fake personality because they will love your fake personality not the real you.

• Believe in yourself because you are the only one who knows you better than anyone.

• Iam struggling to live because i have hope, if i did not have a hope than i would have died so long ago.

• Leader is the one who can see the things which other can not see, leader is the one who can do the things which other can not do.

• We all have heard that there is a woman behind every successful person, can you imagine what woman’s can do if they got the opportunity to stand in front .

• Only mad people’s can bring changes.

• The day when you will understand the definition life will be the day when you will become able to face any challenges.

• Actually people’s are not running behind money. They are running behind satisfaction because all people’s want’s to earn money to become satisfied so technically they are running behind satisfaction.

• Your chances of becoming successful depends on your interest towards your goal.

• I will do that work which everyone can do but nobody wants to do and i will also do the work which everyone wants to do but no one can do.

• Life is like a battleground where your brain is your weapon.

• Take every problem as a task where you will be rewarded after completing the task.

• We are living in such society where people’s only wants to see what their eyes likes to see and they only wants to hear what their ears likes to hear.

• The God is only one but our ways of seeing god are different because we are different, our eyes are different.

• I have to forget myself first to forget my country.

• If people’s think you are mad because of your activities than congrats because you are doing something that they can’t even imagine.